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13 Nov 2020

Hacker forums are a rich source of threat intelligence.

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What do we exactly know about Dark Web/ Darknet? What do we know about Hackers, about their way of thinking? Aamir Lakhani provides us with a very interesting new dealing with these particular topics.

«The Dark Web / Darknet» continues to be an environment for bad actors to share stolen credentials and discuss successful attacks», Lakhani writes. That is way it is a perfect scenary for investigation: «Getting into an attacker’s head provides clues as to how and why they operate».

Attacker-run and torrent/onion forums where hackers make contact, discuss or even purchase and sell malware is a good source for investigators as it is a common data source. However, it is obvious that having access will not be an easy task. Investigators have to jump through a wide number of obstacles to access.

But, is just money the only attacker’s incentive? Of course not. «Most attackers on these forums aren’t just motivated by monetary gain. They’ re looking for some glory» Lakhani confirms. For them, it is more satisfactory to show their knowledge rather than a monetary reward, that’s why «they want to post and advertise their knowledge in forums that will have the most views, and many want to show off their skills».

As a conclusion, «attack forums enable researchers to udnerstand what attackers find interesting». Hacker’s setting could work as a useful tool for researchers.
Source: Lakhani, A (November 12,2020) Hacker forums are a rich source of threat intelligence. Threat Post. https://threatpost.com/dark-web-security-researchers-bad-guys/161172/ 

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