7 Apr 2022

Russian hacker group attacks Coca-Cola and asks for a ransom of 61 million euros in bitcoins

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Stormous, a Russian hacker group, launched a survey on its Telegram cannel for its members to choose the next company they would attack.  The winner, or rather the victim, was the Coca-Cola Company, although Mattel, Danaher, Blackboard and GE Aviation were also considered for attack.

“We hacked into some of their servers and we have more than 161 GB – the cybercriminals have claimed. We opened our shop on our own site on the Dark Web; this company was the first victim.

The attackers contacted Coca-Cola’s IT teams and demanded a ransom of more than 1,644 Bitcoins, which is equivalent to 61,578,781 euros. In the event that they did not respond to their demand, Stormous most likely intends to sell this information to interested parties

Is the attack real?

Scott Leith, vice president of Coca-Cola, told Information Security Media Group that they were looking into the matter: “We are aware of this matter and are investigating to determine the validity of the claim. We are coordinating with law enforcement.”

These statements spoke of an investigation, but not of a confirmed cyberattack, and did not sit well with the criminals. “The breach exists and you can verify it in several ways,” they said on their Telegram channel.

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